Sound Journey with Didjeridu

We will first connect deeply with the energy and ancestors of this land sending love gratitude and image_00028healing into the land and honoring the traditional custodians of the land the Noongar people.

We will then begin a journey across country to Uluru following the energy lines,honoring the sacredness and depth of connection to all the elements, rocks, watercourses, wind, trees, birds and living beings both physical and spiritual in all dimensions of being in all directions in time.

We will then be in the sacred presence of the Uluru connecting with heart chakra of Australia and honouring our place on this earth and all the sacred sites of the planet

We will then travel to Arnhemland where we will connect with the home of the didjeridu and celebrate it’s healing capacity to connect us to the universe to feel loved supported and to connect us deeply with nature very much part of nature bringing peace love and harmony on all levels of being.

We will then journey home bringing these qualities into ourselves,our family our community and to our earth.

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Sound Journey with Didjeridu
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