Yoga West – Sound Relaxation

Every 2nd Saturday: 5:30pm – 7pm

Experience and enjoy the ancient healing sounds of the Didjeridu, crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments.

Julian has over 20 years experience with the Didjeridu, (Yidaki) and its healing capacities. He has been taught directly by Aboriginal people and Elders of Arnhem Land and has been given their permission and blessing to perform this ancient and sacred form of healing.

During each session Julian will take you on a deeply healing sound journey using a variety of indigenous sound healing instruments from around the world. He will guide you into a deep state of relaxation leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

How Sound Healing works

Julian uses a variety of sound modalities and techniques in order to restore the body’s vibration to its natural harmony and balance.

Each part of our body, including the chakras, resonates at different frequencies. A variety of sounds are played into and around the body in order to cleanse, tune and restore the person to their optimal state of vibration. We are made of light (energy) and sound (vibration), and the experiential process of sound healing reintegrates and recalibrates these aspects back into healthy alignment.

Sound healing is an incredibly peaceful and soothing experience, effectively we are tuning ourselves to source, both to the universe around us and the universe within.

Cost: Tickets $45 per 1 ½ hour session. Limited places available.
Mats, blankets and bolsters are supplied but bring a pillow and your own water

Yoga West - Sound Relaxation

Location: Yoga West, Upstairs 159 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park

If you are interested in experiencing a session with Julian please contact for tickets
Ashlea: | Indiria: 0415 314 374


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Cost: $45 – 1 person, Group Session 1 ½ hour

Yoga West Sound Experience
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How to Book your Session

For bookings: please contact Ashlea: Indiria: 0415 314 374