Contact us for further information and to request a booking for either personal or a group for any of the beautiful sound based workshops.


Whale & Dolphin Journey

The music played will serve as a channel to transmit the vibration of these heart centred beings through to each person present.

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Sound Healing

Experience and enjoy the ancient healing sounds of the: Didjeridu,Tibetan bowls,Crystal bowls,Harp and other sound healing instruments.

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Sound Journey with Didjeridu

We journey to sacred presence of the Uluru connecting with heart chakra of Australia and honouring our place on this earth and all the sacred sites of the planet. Then travel on to Arnhemland where we will connect with the home of the didjeridu and celebrate it’s healing capacity to connect us to the universe to feel loved supported.

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Didjeridu Workshops & Classes

It is a lot of fun learning and playing together and very much deepens our connection to the land, Aboriginal culture and Nature.

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