Didjeridu Workshop and Classes

“Connect with Nature”

In the Workshop or classes you will learn:

  • Circular Breathing
  • Bird and Animal Calls
  • Various Rhythms
  • Stories
  • Visualisation
  • Songs and the History behind the instrument.
“It is a lot of fun learning and playing together and very much deepens our connection to the land, Aboriginal culture and Nature”

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to achieve the basic drone and most resonant tone
  • Circular Breathing-various learning techniques for achieving the constant drone-exercises with and without the didjeridu
  • Vocalisation-Bird and animal calls,(imitation of nature)
  • Gender issues and cultural sensitivities of playing the instrument
  • Differences in regional styles from around Australia
  • Foundation rhythms
  • Musical expression-(Individually or in groups).
  • Methods of improvisation
  • Care and maintenance of your Didjeridu

What to bring:

Your Didjeridu or otherwise supplied. (Also for sale)

All sessions include detailed written notes for further study and practise.

Private tuition – One hour lessons

Group lessons are four week courses catering for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. They are held weekly and go for an hour and a half.

Workshops are 3 hours long.

If you wish to attend or to obtain more information please contact us or phone Julian on 0427440252

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About Julian

Julian has been playing for 20 years and mainly plays for healing and ceremonial purposes. His music is inspired by the land, nature and from the Aboriginal people he has met and played with.

He has learned Didjeridu directly from Aboriginal people from around Australia, including Arnhem land where Didjeridu, (Yidaki) is originally from.

He has learned from several Master players and has been adopted by a family that has the direct lineage to the Yidaki tradition going back 60000 years. Julian has a deep respect for the culture and for the integrity of how the instrument is played.