Dolphin and Whale Sound Journey

with Julian

whale_dolphinThese heart centered beings of the Cetacean family have been assisting the planet to spiritually evolve for Aeons.

They have a very high vibration and being in their presence is deeply healing, uplifting and transformative.

On a collective level they are here to anchor crystalline energy into the grids and maintain,amplify and strengthen the song lines and energy vortexes of the planet;transmitting vibrations and frequencies of light, sound, love, peace and joy into the ocean and earth.

Their spiritual origin is from the planet Sirius B and many cultures around the world revere and respect their divine and sacred presence.

They represent and hold the vibration of unconditional love and are assisting in the acceleration and expansion of our multidimensional awareness,spiritual evolution and activation of our 12 strand DNA.

The music played will serve as a channel to transmit their vibration through to each person present.

The second part of the session will take you on a Sacred Geometric sound voyage to connect with the Golden energy of the Avatar Whales and Dolphins of Sirius B, the absolute beacon of unconditional love.

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