Crystal Didjeridu

Crystal Yidaki (Didjeridu)

This unique instrument was created in the quest for a highly resonant vibrational tool for Julian’s healing work.

The Sound and Vibration generated by the Quartz Crystal Yidaki enhances and boosts the free flow of energy through the energetic meridians of the body similar to the way acupuncture works.  When the instrument is played into the body it stimulates an increased flow of energy and blood to where the sound and vibration is directed

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Crystal Bowls

  • Used since Ancient Egypt
  • These have been used to generate healing vibrations that take you into deep healing states of consciousness
  • They effect cellular healing and encourage blood flow through the body.

Available in various Chakra tones and Sizes

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Crystal Bowls

Quartz Crystal Pyramids

  • Sacred geometry combined with Sacred intentional Sound is a way of connecting to our divine blueprint.
  • The number three compared to other numbers has a unique vibration that self replicates indefinitely.
  • These Crystal Pyramids create a three dimensional sound chamber that is particularly powerful for a deep sound healing experience.It connects us to our infinite aspect of sound,light and vibration.
  • Pyramids harness gravitational energy and amplify the healing energy within that space.
  • The combination of Quartz and Gold or Platinum further enhances its healing capacities.

Available in various sizes

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