East Fremantle Yoga Centre

East Fremantle Sound Healing

Sessions are now monthly held on the first Sunday of the month for 2024 starting on February 4th at our new venue 

East Fremantle Yoga centre 

Tickets: $55




Quartz Crystal Bowls and Pyramids

Crystal Instruments

Bowls, Pyramids, Didjeridu

Buy your own Crystal Bowls and Pyramids

Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Sacred geometry combined with Sacred intentional Sound is a way of connecting to our divine blueprint

Crystal Bowls

These have been used to generate healing vibrations that take you into deep healing states of consciousness.

All of our crystal instruments are available to order.


How Sound Healing works

Julian uses a variety of sound modalities and techniques in order to restore the body’s vibration to its natural harmony and balance.

Each part of our body, including the chakras, resonates at different frequencies. A variety of sounds are played into and around the body in order to cleanse, tune and restore the person to their optimal state of vibration. We are made of light (energy) and sound (vibration), and the experiential process of sound healing reintegrates and recalibrates these aspects back into healthy alignment.

Sound healing is an incredibly peaceful and soothing experience, effectively we are tuning ourselves to source, both to the universe around us and the universe within.

Health Benefits:

Eliminates Stress, Soothing and Calming
Heightens states of Wellbeing, Energizing
Pain Relieving, Improves Sleep
Boosts Immune System, Detoxifies on a Cellular Level
Cleanses, balances and harmonizes the chakra system

The Golden Age

Rajaju’s first album is the result of a ten year musical Odyssey. Musical and Sound healing collaborations with aboriginals Australia wide have been integral to the development and transformational quality of the music.

The music was recorded at significant astrological alignments, based on their positive, healing potential for All-and for the Planet. Our music gives respect to, and is in tune with Sacred Earth Healing principles.

Rajaju releases their music at this extraordinarily important time of Awakening Human Consciousness on Planet Earth. It is to assist in raising and holding the conscious vibration both individually and collectively…which is why we say, that Rajaju Music is for Planetary Ascension.